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Sunday, July 02, 2006

Big BRO::BIG PesT!(synonym??)

When the tiny,cute little me(babies re cute!)was born in this BIG BAD WORLD....never did i realise i was bestowed with a Big Brother..a pest to many a sister
like me!!
Just like any other sibling wars....ours have also crossed the likes of "Fear Factor"
games.(minus..the yucky potion drinking kinds...)
I still remember some instances in school....when he had to bear the brunt of many a staff,mom,dad becoz of the little me!
For instance, till about fifth standard, my brother had to cater to me during the lunch break sessions...irrespective of whether he is really hungry or not!!(i relish those moments!!)
So,one afternoon....during the lunch recess...when he started eating without me..he was rudely interrupted by one of the teachers and asked to wait till i came!!
During our card games(hugely popular among my cousins), i used to be this young , spoilt brat who could never accept a defeat in a game.So,if i lost by any chance, my bro and cousins had to keep playing till i won!!
He had endured a torn shirt(courtesy : me),sudden toilet lights switch off(when he is inside!)and much more.Now,on my side.....i have endured a fall(from a cutie yellow chair i used to love)...due to his funny,irritating acrobatics!Hes broken my fav bracelet and given me dark room scares(to say the least).My cousins were much more merciless when it came to scaring the little me in a dark room.

As i look back to those times, i cherish every single moment!!And, as i look up to my bro now...u know watt...iam glad i have him in my life..!!

On a concluding note, iam glad hes got in a great inclusion into our family-my bubbly sis in law....and thats one thing..iam sure really happy about!!way to go bro...

Hes definitely been the BEST PEST in my life and aint i glad for that!!