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Saturday, June 03, 2006

DUBAI-"kochhu keralam"

Dubai..Tall glazed buildings..multi-storeyed flats...blazing sun..crowded indian face every corner...and a mallu voice echoing in almost every business enterprise!!
Though i spent just a day in dubai....she(dubai) mesmerized me with her arabic essence filled buildings,sun kissed beaches, luxury hotels,"air-conditioned" bus stops,and a mouthwatering array of multi cuisine restaurants.Its truly a "hot-spot" tourist destination after my very own..."kerala".
The moment we reached dubai, my cousin thankfully took us to a restaurant called "NAALU KETTU"..which signifies a "Tharavadu veedu"(ancestral home) in malayalam.True to its name, the restaurant was a hub of the entire mallu population in dubai...My cousin seemed to know almost every face in the room...As we hungrily dug into "chappathi and pozhicha kozhi",(highly recommended by my cousins wife!)...i realised how much the malayalees had learnt to accept "Dubai" as their "kochhu keralam".
Dubai displayed prosperity,flourishing enterprises,busy life styles,fascinating people, in every street...The looming "AL-JAZEERA" luxury hotel has a state of the art helipad cum tennis court on its terrace...facing the emerald coloured sea.The entrance fee to the hotel itself was about 100 dinars.(1 dinar=12 indian rupees).

The dubai visit concluded with an amazing twilight rustic boat ride.

As the boat reached the bank, i saw indian junta(most probably labourers), sitting cozily on stone platforms located near the bank, who seem to have come to the Dubai in search of riches,with a dreamy look in their eyes...
or .. maybe it was a "longing look in the eyes"...thinking about their near and dear ones....back in india....


Pozhicha kozhi means "fried chicken" in malayalam.
Kochhu malayalam means "Tiny Kerala".

I happen to hear that the working condition of the labourers in Dubai was pathetic and that they were subjected to harsh treatments.


Blogger Methi said...

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11:05 AM

Blogger Anand S. Subramanian said...

hey template maathita??? this one looks good.

2:53 PM

Blogger Brijesh said...

Photos look good! Also welcome to blog world

10:32 PM

Blogger P said...

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4:46 PM

Blogger P said...

Interesting that you pointed out the plight of the Indian labourers. It is something that is often overlooked by the media that is so focussed on the glamour that Dubai has on offer.

Very few reports sans a few by the economist have been written on this and they were all hushed up quite quickly, but the truth is plain to see - one look at the faces of some of the labourers hard at work at extreme temperatures and insane working hours tells a whole lot.

About it being Kochu Keralam, little surprise really, expat population is dominated by Keralites, who outnumber their nearest rival by a factor of 2.


PS: Its a Dirham, not a Dinar :)

4:47 PM


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